ORION Engineering Company is a Michigan corporation specializing in electric power systems, mechanical systems, structural, and civil works projects. Our engineering staff has a broad range of experience and understanding that is uncommon within the industry. It is with this experience that efforts can be coordinated between engineering disciplines to complete projects in-house, on time, and within budget.


Our purpose is to furnish competent professional engineering services on time and within budget. Our market includes industrial, commercial, and governmental clients. We specialize in power, building systems, manufacturing support systems, and facility design; and we are eminently qualified to plan, design, and provide construction services for such projects.


Our operation takes a partnership approach and takes it very seriously. This unique relationship is based on the common-sense premise that clients know most about their business. We excel in applying the latest technologies to provide safe, reliable, cost-effective, practical solutions based on our thorough understanding of relevant theory and proven methodology. Our approach is a commitment to work with our clients as a team to achieve common objectives, to overcome obstacles, and to go "all out" to attain their goals. Working together in this manner provides quality engineering on time and within budget.